Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Its been a here is an update

Hello everyone yes its been a long while since I have posted anything on here about our house.  Lisa and I have been very busy with the baby and also trying to get everything unpacked and settled in and of course enjoy the holidays with our little boy.

So lets begin with the move into our new home was very uneventful and thankfully we had lots of help.  However it wasn't to long after we moved in that we started having all kinds of issues.  To be honest it has been very difficult to get Ryan to address all of our issues.  Let me put it to you this way we moved into our house on Oct 4th 2012 and has of today Feb 6th 2013 there still trying to fix all our 30 day inspection issues.  The customer service has been awful...were told that workers will be at our house on such a day and time only to see there constantly late or no one shows up at all!!

Some of our issues included:  bowed baseboards on every floor of the house, buckling cement floor in the storage portion of the basement, bowed crooked basement walls that needed torn out and replaced,  drywall tape showing thru the ceilings in just about every room, our large foyer window has been replaced twice, morning room windows replaced, bowed or wracked kitchen walls, hard wood flooring coming up, giant swamp in our back yard,  a fireplace that pings every time it rains, noisy pipes, squeaky floors, heat registers that pop when you walk across the floor, hell even the lamp post was crooked.  Gutters that leak from every mitered corner, a squeaky gas meter, doors that would not seal and in fact allowed snow to enter the house when they were closed!! , cracked ceiling in many rooms, defective carpet...I guess you get the picture I could seriously go on!!!  It makes me so sick and angry that 4 months after closing were still trying to get all of our issues resolved....before you know it the 10 month inspection will be here and were still working on the 30 day issues....Did I mention the poor quality kitchen cabinets with stains and scratches that they wont replace only re skin??

So to date I have not completed and surveys and don't intend to complete any until all our issues are fixed.  Honestly I would never build a Ryan home ever again!!!

More updates to come...I hope everyone is having better luck than we are.


  1. I'm sorry you are having so many issues with your house. =( I hope RH gets everything resolved soon!

  2. Holy crap, what a nightmare, WOW, I am so very sorry. Have you thought about going over the PM and SR's head to get things going, don't settle for this type of service.

    I can't imagine how mad you must be, please know that you seem to be the exception to the rule. Our Pms are so great and get everything done......knock on wood, out 30 day is Monday.

    My worry is more about our brick and the outside of the house...its sooo cold here and snowy and we never really got to really see the outside of our house :(

    I think you are way over due for a phone call up the chain of command....

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  4. Unbelieveable!!! What the heck!!!?? I am so sorry! Hopefully, once these issues get resolved you can enjoy your home? I know that this is leaving a sour taste in your mouth with this poor customer service!! Now that you are in your home, how do you like your Jefferson, in general?

  5. That stinks you are having so many issues. We actually seem to have had a lot of the same ones and I agree that their customer service is horrible. I feel like they don't consider the fact that people have jobs so if they are 2 hours late, that's time that I'm not getting paid for. And God forbid they schedule more than one fix for the same day/time to make it more convenient for you! We just stopped putting in service requests and are waiting until the 10 month because we were having to take too much time off of work to get things resolved... especially because they usually had to come back 2 or 3 times because they didn't fix it right the first time. Good luck!!

  6. Since they are having so much trouble completing the work, I would go ahead with the survey. Our 30 day fixes were done, but there were so many other things popping up that I thought would have to wait until the 10 month and other things that were ongoing. I submitted my survey and indicated absolutely everything wrong with the house. About a month and a half after submitting it, our PM contacted me and arranged a time to come out and look at the issues. We are now in the midst of a week long repair of all the issues. I have had no issues with customer service. Our service manager is excellent as are the guys who work with him. Though I'm not completely pleased with some of the materials (vinyl flooring, carpet and MDF for trim), they have done right by me with the repairs. I second the suggestion to go over your
    PM's head if he is not responding to your concerns. So sorry you are having to deal with this!

  7. Sorry about all your issues, that is horrible. There is a person in another development here where they had all kinds of issues (like yours) that were not being resolved correctly and the workers had to keep coming back, well this person made a deal with Ryan homes to drywall their entire basement for all the stress that the family had to go through and RH agreed and he ended up with a semi finished basement !MAybe you can asked for something for your troubles !!!

  8. This makes me nervous to read! We are also building in Pittsburgh, I hope that we have a different PM in our subdivison, it's so sad there can't be consistency. My parents build a Ryan in Greensburg and they have had no major issues, and everything was fixed promptly and their PM was very nice and accomodating, but then again, he also own half the neighborhood and is a custom home builder so I think they got lucky and got a better quality home. I hope they fix everything for you and give you some extras for your troubles!

  9. I'm interested to hear how this all worked out for you...I'm about to embark on building a Ryan home in the Pittsburgh area and am curious to see if your issues finally were resolved to your satisfaction.

    P.S. Thanks for taking the time to write this blog. It's rather enjoyable to hear what others are going through and to read about the decisions you made and the reasons behind them.