Monday, September 10, 2012

Finally have electricity

I drove over to the house today after work hoping to see an electric meter installed outside.  Thankfully when I arrived there it was a brand new shiny electric meter.  I walked into the garage and flipped the light switch and garage ceiling lights came to life!

It does appear that there are some electrical issues that will need to be addressed.  I did notice that none of the exterior lights are working and neither are the any lights in the hallway from the front door to the family room, foyer chandelier does not work, dining room chandelier does not work, kitchen and morning room lights don't work either, mudroom and mudroom foyer lights are not working as well.

The lights in the family room and fireplace eyeball lights are working as well as all the upstairs lights and all basement lights.

I did check the panel in the basement and there are multiple breakers that are switched to the off position.  Dryer, washer, ovens, furnace, AC, water heater, dishwasher, disposal...etc.  In fairness because there labeled that way I did not flip them on.  I did however attempt to flip on the breaker marked "kitchen lights" as soon as I did the panel made a buzzing sound and the breaker immediately went to the tripped position.  Obviously there are some issues but overall I'm just glad that we finally have power.  The PM brought in an industrial grade dehumidifier into the basement and already had it running to dry out the subfloors so that hardwood can be installed later this week.

The plumbers began installing plumbing fixtures today as well.

PM told me that he will be giving me a call this week he hopes with a closing date.  I just hope the date is early enough that we can get moved in before my son is born.

Here are some pics from today:


  1. Glad everything is moving along for the two of you!! I hope you get a date before the baby is born too! Fingers crossed!

  2. That's great news!! Hopefully Ryan can have the house done ASAP!