Monday, September 24, 2012

Coming up on closing

Well we have been very busy these last two and half weeks since electricity was turned on at our house.  Lots and I mean lots of work has been going on.  Of course last week our son was born so to say that we have been busy I guess is an understatement.  Lisa and I have lots to do and of course were in a holding patter since the birth of our son.  He of course is our first priority so packing up our rental place is on hold.  In the last two weeks the final electrical and plumbing work has been done to our house.  more painting, staining of the railings and banisters, installation of hardwoods and carpeting, concrete sidewalks, all handles and locks installed on all interior and exterior doors minus the front door, lots and lots of finish work and some punch out work that was marked up by the PM.

The following still needs to be done:  installation of exterior lamp post and mailbox, some exterior painting, the entire house needs cleaned, lots of the kitchen cabinet doors need adjusted because they close at the bottom but not on the top, new set of attic stairs need installed because the current ones are broken, all landscaping needs completed, more grading, front door needs painted, and one item I find really strange that needs to be addressed is inside our upstairs hallway bathroom.  The shower head is a Kohler head but the lower control (handle to turn it on is a Moen.  Our entire house is Moen plumbing fixtures so I'm not sure how the Kohler one got there but I'm sure its a mistake.  I'm sure there our more items that need to be completed that I cant think of at the moment.  The big question is will all this be completed in time for us to close on Friday morning.  I hope so but it sure is a lot to do.

Here are some pics


  1. LOVE that hardwood and the dark railings!!! Congrats on the birth of your son!

  2. Looks amazing! Congrats and good luck on the move. Definitely sounds like a crazy time but I'm sure it will be such a happy home for your little boy.

  3. Kitchen looks beautiful! How amazing that you get to bring your newborn to this new, fresh home. So many memories will be made there. Congrats!

  4. What color are your cabinets, floors and hand rails?