Thursday, August 16, 2012

This weeks updates

Hello everyone here is this weeks updates.  The trim installation is basically complete except door handles.  Actually the doors were all hung but have since been removed and are being prepped for painting.  The kitchen island and the remainder of the cabinets were installed along with cabinet fixtures.  The flooring contractor has begun prepping our master bath for ceramic tile installation, additional grading and fill for the yard, drywall repairs and prepping for more painting.

I did receive an email today from NVR containing our appraisal no issues or surprises with the appraisal and we've been informed that our closing date as of now appears to be September 10th.  We do have a few outstanding issues some are fault of Ryan Homes and the others are fault of the developer / utility companies.  Our biggest issue at this point with RH is in our basement.  We have chosen the back of the staircase has the place for wall mounting of our TV.  because of some pipes that very close to the drywall the wall is bowed and this will cause an issue with mounting the TV on the wall.  In conversation with our two PM its been decided that the wall will be cut and moved out a few inches to correct this problem.  The other RH issue is not so simple to fix.  Back in June a  decision was made to pour our basement floor before the framing had started because framers were behind schedule and in short supply. Its my understanding that typically RH does not pour the cement floor until after framing has been completed.

Because of this our 5 basement jack posts were never cemented in.  We have brought this up on more than one occasion.  Drywall was hung and so was the trim but these posts were never cemented in.  4 of the 5 posts are under the stairwell which is now completely drywalled in .  Portions of the holes that were cut into the cement for the jack posts were visible but most of the open areas are not.  I feel that this is a major problem for potential moisture and radon to seep into the basement especially in that confined area under the stair case where there is not access for us.  In some of the models that we have visited I have seen doors that open into a small storage area under the stairs however when we asked why we did not have one we were told they no longer do that.  1 of the 4 jack posts under the stair case is not visible at all and therefore can not be cemented without cutting the drywall.  Today I was told that they were cemented in.  I drove out to check it out and to my dismay only the portion of the hole that is visible has been cemented and the rest including the area around the posts themselves have not.  In fact the 1 hole that is no longer visible did not get cemented at all.  A hole has been cut in the bowed portion of the drywall so my wife was able to stick her cell phone in there and get pictures and in these pictures its clearly evident that the posts themselves nor the majority the hole that each sits in has been cemented.  This is really upsetting us so we plan to call the PM tomorrow.

The other issue is on the developer and could impact our closing date.  That issue is a lack of water or electricity.  Our phase is a new phase so the utilities are not complete and its been a painstaking slow process to get resolved.  The lack of power is delaying the installation of our hardwood flooring.  The PM needs to run some dryers or blowers to dry our the subfloor floor before the hardwood or carpeting can be installed and this cant be done until there is electricity.  Hopefully this will be resolved soon.

Here are some recent pics

Kitchen cabinets and gourmet island installed

fireplace with granite surround

kitchen pantry door

loves this cabinet with glass doors that sits a little higher than the rest

handrails for the basement steps

basement "closet" door to hide the water meter

vanity and mirror for the basement bath

This is one of the jack posts holes that I mentioned in my post

another jack post the top you will see the hole cut in the wall because that pipe has cause it to bow

door leading into the unfinished portion of the basement

spindles painted

some drywall touch up

stairs leading to the upstairs

looking out the morning room has more dirt is trucked into our back yard

This was taken today after the new dirt was graded

We are lucky to have a large flat backyard that goes into the woods

another photo of the backyard

more back yard pics

a photo from the wood line 

another photo from the woodbine...these trees need to be removed

last photo of our back yard from the wood line

laundry room floor being prepared for flooring

Afternoon sun coming into the morning room

Lisa inspecting the family room

from the morning room looking into the kitchen

Lisa inspecting her three pendant light rough ins above the island

standing by the island

looking into the family room from the kitchen

dinning room and living room

ceramic tile for the master bath

Lisa practicing her diving form 

ceramic shower with seat

Lisa "washing her hands" in her sink

looking across the upstairs from out master bedroom


  1. That top photo of your kitchen could totally be my kitchen (except we don't have counters yet). We're tracking along at the same rate you all are. Fingers crossed for you that those issues get resolved. Especially the power and water! Hard to move in without those!

  2. Wow, it's a good thing you all caught that lazy repair. My husband owns a construction company and mentioned the guys will always try a short cut if they think they can get away with it!! It's sad. Smh

    On a good note: yay! There's Lisa and the baby!! Your kitchen is gorgeous! I love the espresso. You mentioned putting in a request for the kitchen that was denied. What was it?

    1. Yes were glad that we caught the poor repair...Were not placing any blame on the PM we feel its the fault of the sub contractors the PM cant be everywhere at once. We do love our kitchen and Lias is ready to have a baby we still have 6 more weeks to go before the baby gets here. In regards to our kitchen request we had asked for Espresso cabinets in either Rushmore or Wyoming because there better grade cabinets...However Ryan only offers Espresso in the Scottsdale so we thought since Timberlake makes them it should not be a huge deal for Ryan to get them...however they said no!...oh well we have gotten over it now and we love the kitchen