Thursday, August 2, 2012

drywall and driveway

Its been a very busy week at our house.  This week the house was sided, drywall hung, taped, and they began applying mud today.  Our garage door was installed, asphalt driveway was laid, and cabinets and trim arrived at the house yesterday.  Like I said it was a busy week and I'm sure more is in store for tomorrow.  Lisa and I have tried to visit everyday this week to see it progress.

The sewer and gas lines were also completed this week.  This biggest issue that our phase is facing is the lack of active utilities.  Our phase still does not have electricity, water, or gas.  Its my understanding that the water lines are in place but the TWP has not yet approved activation of the water lines, not sure if there are any outstanding issues with the gas lines.  curbside electricity transformers have not been completely installed for the whole phase and some electric lines still need to be run underground.  PM does not believe any of this will affect our settlement date as he feels it will all be resolved some time this month.

Here are some pics from the last few days

Siding completed

Lisa approves of the driveway

Newly arrived "goodies"

Lisa show casing the newly arrived "goodies"

looking at the driveway from inside the garage

looking at the family room from the kitchen

Morning room patio door

Lisa waving from where out GE frig will go

future wall ovens, gas cooktop, and microwave outlet

Morning room ceiling

Another photo of the morning room

1st floor powder room

Lisa's office

Two story foyer...we love that window

My future son's nursery and future bedroom

Master walkin closet

Master bedroom

Master bathroom

upstairs hallway from inside our bedroom

another shot of the foyer from just outside our bedroom

dinning room tray ceiling

finished side of the basement
living room
master shower awaiting ceramic tile
upstairs bathroom

finished basement underneath the morning room


  1. Super awesome! So, will you be the first occupied house in the new phase?

  2. Love the windows in the foyer and morning room! Lisa is a very cute soon-to-be-mommie! She always looks so radiant in the pictures!!

  3. I love love love the morning room windows - can't wait to enjoy my own!

    1. The morning room is great...I cant wait to sit there in the mornings with my coffe and newspaper

  4. It looks so big! It won't be so long now. How exciting!

  5. Loving the Morning room, wish ours could have been that big...but we had to stop somewhere!!

    Truly Loving it!!!

  6. We really wanted a Jefferson but decided we didnt need so much room with our teenagers off to college very soon, In fact so many people encouraged us to buy a Ranch.....why are people so afraid of some steps??? LOL

    May I ask what plan you are building in, we are in Orchid Hill in Petters.?

    Looking forward to watching your journey since ours is still in the paperwork stages!!

    1. Were building in Pine-Richand School district

  7. This house is really a masterpiece! :) You seem excited to finish the house as soon as possible, ha? It seems all the materials needed are readily available right inside your house. And ooh… I like your driveway and your garage, as well. It looks spacious and airy. Good luck on your project! Can’t wait to see the outcome!

    Sharron Folkes

  8. all i can say is've done a fantastic jo, your home looks fab.
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