Sunday, July 22, 2012

Overdue Update

I think its been about a week since I lasted posted and updates.  We were on vacation last week and just got back from the beach this afternoon.  First stop we made after getting back into town was the house to check the progress.  Let me first start with the conversation that I had with the loan officer this week and I was able to lock in our interest rate at 3.25% with a .375 premium which translates into about $1400 credit returned to us as a closing credit.  YAHOO!! what a great interest rate.  I can remember thinking 4.50% was the best thing out there 4 years ago when we bought our last house and being told back then that interest rates would never be that low again in my lifetime.  Now here we are locking in at 3.25%  I don't think its gets much better than that.

I was in contact with my PM while on vacation and he kept me up to date with the progress on our house.  Basically HVAC, plumbing, electrical, and Guardian took place this week.  When we pulled up to the house this evening the brick layers were on site laying brick at the house.  Roofing was also completed last week.

One of the biggest thing that surprised me this evening was that I noticed a second furnace that was installed in the attic.  It appears that this attic furnace will be heating the top floor and the furnace in the basement will be heating the basement and lower level I think.  I have seen houses with two furnaces but I have usually seen them both installed in the basement.  I think the attic furnace is pretty cool.  So now I'm wondering will there be two AC condensers outside?  Tonights walk was very quick because Lisa and I were tired from our week at the beach.  I did get a few pictures but we plan on going out there tomorrow and getting a better detailed look and some more pics.  I did notice that the PM had all the broken windows marked for replacement.   Here are the pics from this evenings visit.  One more thing on the baby front Lisa had another ultrasound this past Monday and all appears well with my son.  We were even able to get a 3D photo of his face in the womb!! Its really awesome!

Family room fireplace...can't wait to fire it up this winter!

eyeball lights above the fireplace and family room ceiling fan rough in

Ended up getting that patio door in the morning room after all!!!

Icemaker water line on the lower right and Espresso machine water line on the upper left.

gas line for the kitchen counter cook top

Standing in the dining room...notice tray ceiling in the dining room

Tempstar 96% efficiency furnace in the basement

Area for the future breaker panel.

A photo of the fabulous Lisa outside our basement walkout door

Lisa standing inside the finished portion of the basement...on her right you can see the Guardian wiring for our TV wall mount located on the backside of the staircase.

Second 96% efficiency Tempstar furnace placed in the attic.

Lisa giving the thumbs up beside our soon to be installed soaking tub in the master bath.  Next to it will be the ceramic tile shower.

Lacava brick along the walkout wall

Bricklayers hard at work


  1. So much to be excited about!

    First, congrats on the rate! We got the same one but we had to pay points to get it!

    Second, how did you end up getting the french doors in the morning room after all? That's great that you did! Those doors are gorgeous!

    Third, your wife looks gorgeous as always! I am disappointed that you didn't post a pic of that 3D ultrasound! Have you guys picked a name yet?

    Fourth, I can't believe your house is getting bricked already! I feel like I was JUST looking at pics of the framing beginning! I love how fast Ryan Homes works!

  2. The 3D ultrasounds are pretty cool! When is she due?

    The house is looking great! Love the brick you guys chose!

  3. Congratulations on the excellent rate!! I am with the others as I kept scrolling down looking at the pictures I just knew I would see Lisa and than the ultrasound picture. ;-) Your house is coming along nicely! I absolutely love love the brick color! That was a great choice of color? When is the baby coming?

  4. I love the brick, and it's wonderful that it's on the outside of the walkout - it really finishes it off. I love love looking at your pics because I know my house will someday look the same, and it's so nice to dream about it. :) Plus, I love watching the progress of your little bun-in-the-oven!

    1. before you know you will be breaking ground

  5. Congrats on the build and the baby.
    We moved into our Jefferson last month and love it. I'm sure you will too.
    I have a question about the furnaces: We were surprised how small our furnace is. Do you know what size the furnaces are?

    Good luck!


    1. No I do not but I have a pre drywall meeting on Wed with the PM and I will try and find out the BTU's for both furnaces. I'm assuming you have two 96% efficiency Tempstars as well?

    2. We have just 1 96% Tempstar furnace in the basement. To us it seems too small, that's why I'm asking this question.

      I would be great if you could find out.


    3. the furnaces they installed in my house are 60,000 BTU each

    4. The model number is F9MXE0601714A

    5. Thank you for the info. We have 1 60,000BTU furnace. We live in Buffalo, NY so the climate is similar.

      We love the updates people post about their house builds, keep them coming.

    6. Waffleman,

      Did you ever get an answer RE whether your furnace was the right size? We just built a Yorkshire (with master bedroom over the garage and finished basement and morning room) - approximately 3,800 square feet of finished space) and we only have 1 Tempstar 60,000 BTU furnace. That seems small to me.