Monday, July 9, 2012

On the second day we had walls!

So I drove out to the house at about 12:30 during my lunch break and I saw the framing crew working on the house.  The funny thing is there were no farther ahead than when they left off Saturday.  It seemed to me that they must have just arrived on site.  So later in the afternoon Lisa, Olivia, and I drove out and WOW we had first floor walls.  Our PM was on site and took some time to chat.  He was the bearer of good and bad news.  Lets start with the possible bad news.  He told me that more than likely Ryan was not going to approve my last minuted request to change the morning room door from a slider to a patio door.  He was very polite and explained his justification however I'm going to respectfully disagree not with him but with the company policy more or less.  In my eyes I'm not asking to return the slider since I'm paying for it.  They can leave it in the box and inside the garage for all I care I would simply use it somewhere later or just sell it.  I just want to purchase a patio door in addition to and simply use it instead.  Oh well if they shoot me down I'm not going to get angry or heartburn over it I will just chalk it up as a loss and just order a Pella patio door later and install it.

Now for the good news!!  PM told me that tomorrow the basement insulation will arrive, Framers will begin the second floor deck.  Wednesday they will raise second floor walls then frame basement walls. Thursday a crane will be on scene to raise the roof!!.  Hell of a busy week scheduled out at the house can't wait to get pictures of it all for my blogger buddies.

I'm preparing a list of specific electrical and plumbing requests.  Nothing crazy basically a list of switch placements and hose bib locations.  Here is what I have come up with so far:

Garage coach lights switched from the front door
Garage ceiling lights switched from inside mudroom
Basement stair and recess lights switched from top of stairs and at bottom
1 hose bib located at rear of the house opposite side from Morning Room door.

Am I missing anything?  Does anyone have any suggestions?

Finally here are today's pics

Today at 12:30 PM

Today at 5:00PM

The lovely Lisa and Olivia giving the thumbs up to the raising of the walls

Garage wall and opening for man door and to the right opening for fireplace

Morning room wall with openings for windows

Looking at our house from the neighbors lot above

Looking at the walkout side of the basement from the lot below us

Rear corner of the walk out side and the morning room

Walk out basement....PM said not to worry he has not told them yet where to create the opening for the walkout door.



  1. Looking great! You guys are moving right along!

  2. Thanks...its really exciting to go out there everyday and see something new

  3. That's a bummer about the patio door!

  4. I love all the different angles from the outside shots. It really gives us an idea of how lovely your lot is. :)