Saturday, July 7, 2012

Let the framing begin!!

As promised by our PM yesterday framing has begun today!  Lisa and drove out to check it out and of course get some pictures.  Looks like its been slow going and I'm sure the heat is a factor.  Its going up to 99 degrees today.  Now I'm no expert but take a look at some of the pictures of the walkout side of the basement.  These guys placed 2x4 across the whole wall.  So where is my walkout door going ?  I'm thinking this is a mistake and there going to have to correct it.  The framers were very friendly but speak limited english so I didn't ask them about it.  I will let the PM handle it on Monday.  Here are some pics some of them are from last week before framing began.  The basement and garage floors have already been poured as you will see in the pics.

Lisa practicing for a job on the Price Is Right showcasing the walkout door.

Another pose

Lacava bricks around the garage

More brick to grade along the garage wall

garage man door

basement floor poured

Another shot of the basement floor

left side garage brick to grade

The lovely Lisa and Olivia

Another photo of Lisa and Olivia 07/06/12

Freshly poured garage floor 07/06/12

Another shot of the garage floor

Framing begins!!!.....Note the wall in the background...Where is the walkout door going to go??

I'm not a builder but I think there has been a mistake here no walkout opening??

Working hard in this heat lifting up those heavy beams and putting them into place.
After they got this one into place I went and bought the crew some cold water and Gatorade.

Doesn't appear that they took the walkout door into consideration

Took all 5 of them to lift this beam into place above the morning room

Some photos of their progress while the guys are at lunch

support beams

Lisa inside the garage


  1. So exciting. So interesting that they've already poured the floors and done the brick to grade. We haven't had either of those things done yet, and they're just finishing framing.

    Definitely doesn't look like a spot for a door. Perhaps they will redo the framing for the door later?

    1. Yeah I'm pretty sure they forgot the spot for the door. The reason why the garage and basement floors were poured and the brick to grade started was because of the delay in framing. I guess they figure complete some other things to keep the project on schedule.

  2. Look at what we have here!! Yay! YOU ALL ARE RISING UP!! I love the brick color! Gorgeous!!

    1. Thank You my friend....I'm sure that your excited for your house to start. I can't wait to follow your progress

    2. Yes, I am extremely EXCITED! We are completing our custom requests this week to complete our final change orders and finally get on the schedule for our pre construction meeting. Our SR informed us that they can only start one house per week because we only have one PM and he just went on vacation for two weeks. We do have a substitute in his place; however, there are several homes in front of us. :-( This waiting actually turned out in our favor because I was able to submit change orders without penalty. Yay!

  3. I love how your house is progressing and every time you post a blog I can see your wife's pregnancy progressing too! How exciting to get a new house and a new baby around the same time!!

    1. Thank You...I try to include a picture of Lisa in every post. I'm glad to see that your house is coming right along

    2. Great job Jesse, the pictures are not complete without Lisa and baby!! :-)

  4. Hi! I'm just curious.. what happened with the walkout door? I went by my lot today and saw that there was no space in the framing for the door and wonder if it was a mistake or intentional.

    1. After reading more posts on your blog, I found the outcome. I think I'll still bring it up to my PM just to make sure it wasn't a mistake.