Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Lessons learned from fellow bloggers

Just an FYI for everyone.  I have read many blogs and I have picked up on many little tricks and updates that people have added to their homes either during construction or after closing.  I made a list of a couple and have submitted it to my PM for consideration.  Here a few:

Extra outlet for the gourmet island placed opposite side of the included outlet...PM had it installed

1 hose bib placed on the backside of the house opposite of the morning room patio door...PM approved

garage coach lights switched at the front door...still waiting to hear if that is possible

Basement stairwell and recess lights switched from the top of the stairs and the bottom of the stairs...still waiting to hear back

Garage ceiling lights switched from inside the mudroom...still waiting to hear from PM

Outlet installed above gas cook top so we can install a venting microwave above after closing...Ryan no longer installs them above gas cook tops in PA due to code change...PM approved and was installed today.

Soaking tub access panel for plumbing installed inside toilet room so that the front of the tub will be all ceramic tile with not visible access panel....still waiting to hear back.

It would be nice if all my requests get approved but won't be heartbroken if he doesn't approve them all.  Just some ideas to throw out there and I'm sure I have forgotten a few and will kick my self later.  Does anyone have some great tips that we may be missing or have not thought of ??


  1. Our garage coach lights were installed at the front door and at the garage on a 3-way switch. It might make more sense to them if you explain or ask for it as a 3-way switch.

  2. Great and timely post. We've got our pre-drywall tomorrow and are doing the same thing with our microwave (installing ourselves after closing). But good reminder to check if there's a plug there.

    I've learned so much from everyone! One quick one that we just had done (thanks to a few blogs): Ask for extra blocking anywhere you might want to later hang TVs or anything else heavy. PM was super duper accommodating on this.

  3. WJ I didnt know hanging your own micro was an option??

    I think we are paying $400 for that??