Thursday, July 26, 2012

Insulation and drywall prep

The insulators were insulating the house during our pre-drywall meeting yesterday.  I drove over to the house last night to see how it looked.  Almost all of our "fixes" that were identified at pre-drywall were corrected yesterday afternoon.  Hats off to both my Project managers they make things happen almost immediately.  That makes me very happy.  Yesterdays progress includes installation of 2 grounding rods and ground wire, installation of the electrical box, installation of all wiring for included and extra outdoor outlets, and of course the insulation.  I'm glad to read that some of my fellow bloggers who also attended pre-drywall meetings yesterday were happy with the progress of their homes.  Here are some insulation pics:

Lisa's office

Living room

Insulation in the ceiling just below the attic furnace

Family room

Kitchen and Morning room

Electrical box


  1. So cool that they fixed most fo the stuff right away. Love that big window in the morning room!

    1. I think my PM is great...on thins right away

  2. Taking pictures of the framing before they close up the walls is a really smart idea. We did the same thing in our build.

    1. I agree makes it easier to find things later if there is ever a problem

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