Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Gearing up for Pre-Drywall Tomorrow

We have our pre-drywall meeting tomorrow at 10AM.  So we went out the house this evening and walked through and took lots of pictures and notes so were prepared.  Here are some of what we noticed.

1.  Holes in the peaks of the roof..some have been patched and others have not.
2. We have broken windows in just about every room...some have the word "ordered" written on them  
    with a grease pencil and others do not.

3. Steps leading into the mudroom we only have two and it appears that we will need three.
4. Water line for my Espresso machine appears to have been mounted to high
5.  Kitchen exhaust fan pathway to exterior of the house is not present has is called for in blueprint
6. Door opening for study has been labeled by PM with green paint that it is incorrect for french doors
    need to confirm if that has been corrected.

7.  Door into mudroom was damaged at the bottom.

8.  Need to request additional blocking

9.  Incorrect placement of extra guardian keypad in the master bedroom. ...its located on the other side
     of the room and not where it was marked by the Guardian rep.

10.  We had requested and received a floor outlet in the was there yesterday and is gone today
       and the hole for the wire has been sealed up??

11.  Jack posts in basement are sitting in gravel...will they be cemented in?

12.  Toilet placement in basement bath appears way to close to bathtub.

13.  Exterior house wrap is torn in several places

14.  No wiring for lamp or outlet outside of walkout door,  we had placed two outlets on either side of
       the front door on the schematic and no wiring is in place for either.  We also added extra exterior
       outlets on both sides of the house and the rear of the house and no wiring is in place for any of

15.  As I mentioned yesterday I submitted an email several weeks back with some electrical and
       plumbing requests including an extra kitchen island outlet (Thank You Sgt Rich)  and it appears
      most have been accommodated just not sure of light switch placement...need to confirm that tomorrow during the meeting.

I'm sure that we will notice more tomorrow during our walk through with the PM.  I must say from what I have seen so far things look pretty good.  My mind is racing I have lots of questions for tomorrow  lot clearing questions, plumbing, electrical you name it.  My advice is take lots of notes and go see your house a day or two before drywall meeting if possible and take some time to walk around note mistakes or things you think are mistaken.  It can't hurt to ask even if its a stupid question.  I think I'm ready for the meeting!!

Here are a few of today's pics:


  1. That's a lot of mistakes! I can't wait to hear what your PM says about them! Guardian messed up a lot of the stuff they installed. We had them come out twice to fix it all! They put our motion detector on the second floor! How is that supposed to help if someone breaks in a window and never goes upstairs? I think we may get two motion detectors because they didn't uninstall the one upstairs but they added one downstairs. They came out the day after our PM called them!

  2. A water line for your espresso machine... I have never seen that on a RH blog! Great idea!

    1. I have a 64lb Espresso machine I ordered from Italy...I really enjoy my and the unit has a water tank or can run on a direct water line. Since were building I figured I would add a water line so I no longer have to fill the water tank every two days.

    2. That is so cool! Do you mind me asking how much RH charged you for the additional water line?

    3. that was an item we received thru negotiation