Thursday, July 12, 2012

Framing is almost completed!

Things sure are progressing at a pretty quickly.  Today I stopped out at around lunch time and the framers had installed several windows, framed the basement walls, and the walkout opening.  They were working on some other items inside the house.  I wasn't able to go in obviously because they were working.  I checked with NVR today and the rate was 3.25 % however my loan officer said its still a little early to lock in.  I'm hoping to lock in some time next week.  Here are some photos of today.

Yeah the front window is in!!

Opening for basement walkout door

Photo of the finished side of the basement from the walkout door

back of the house from the wood line morning room windows are installed

closeup from the wood line

future patio area behind the family room..opening for morning room door hoping to get the patio door approved

basement walls insulated

another photo of the basement

Another basement photo

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  1. The front window is awesome. The morning room windows look fantastic too!