Friday, July 6, 2012

Framing Delayed again

Looks like another crazy ride on the emotional roller coaster!  I drove to the local NVR office today to drop off an updates list of pay stubs and other Veterans related documents.  I did speak to our loan specialist and she looked over the documents and basically told us everything looks great.  She believes we may even be able to lock our rate sometime next week!  I asked her whether it would be ok to start shopping for washer / dryer and frig and she does not see a problem with that at all.  I think were going to wait for appliance shopping until we get closer to Labor Day to take advantage of the holiday sales. I know that I have read about some NVR horror stories on the blog and on other web sites buy I must say I thought the process has been easy and painless and I don't have any complaints so far about NVR.   The build schedule is another issue all together.

I drove out to the lot today expecting to see some Amish guys swinging hammers and to the dismay of my wife and I we only saw the concrete guy putting the finishing touches on the garage floor that they had poured earlier this morning.  The PM was in the neighborhood and spoke to me for a few minutes and assured me that framing will start tomorrow.  He said that framing was delayed because the the crew scheduled for my house had to travel to Greensburg today to work on a project over there.  So were back in the roller coaster and hoping to get off tomorrow.


  1. We were told not to make any large purchases until we receive our final loan approval, right before closing. I hope they start framing tomorrow like they said! Fingers crossed!

    1. Were getting ready to head over and see if framing has begun...wish us luck