Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Engage the Warp Drive!!

Wow! talk about serious progress.  On Monday the PM told me they would have the house under roof by Thursday afternoon.  We drove over to the lot yesterday and the second floor decking was almost completed.  I drove over today after work and WOW were roofed!!  Like the title says "engage the warp drive"  These guys don't mess around!  I start vacation tomorrow and I can't wait to see how things go tomorrow.  The only disappointing thing I observed yesterday was my service door and an interior door laying on the ground next to the road about three lots down from us.  The interior door appears to be damaged.  I did send the PM a quick email and I hoping he is on it.  Here are some pics from yesterday and today.

Furture kitchen

future dining room

Morning room

family room

looking into the garage from inside 

Opening for the morning room door

back of the morning room

Partially installed house wrap


photo of the basement underneath the morning room

Insulation waiting to be installed

Pile of insulation in the basement

Me standing in the basement after work yesterday

Front of the house

Damaged interior door

Front of house 07/11/12

Another shot of the front

Side of the garage with service door opening

Another shot of the side of the garage...You can see where the fireplace will be

Back corner to include morning room

Shot from down the can see where the walkout will be

Another side shot