Saturday, June 23, 2012

Foundation Updates

Lisa and I stopped today after our morning jog to check on the house.  Our last visit was on Thursday.  So I have pics to post from Thursday's visit and from this mornings visit.  I spoke to our PM yesterday by telephone and he informed me that the plumbers were at the house yesterday working in the basement.  Steel support beams arrived yesterday and I expect that they will be put into position next week.  PM told me that they will have to temporarily cease grading because they have run out of dirt.  He assures me that they will clear more of the half dead and damaged trees at the the edge of the backyard bordering the wooded area.  Framing materials will arrive on Wednesday and he does anticipate framing to begin by Friday.  He has informed me that there is a shortage of framing crews and the crews are running 1 to 2 days behind when materials arrive on site.  Have a great weekend everyone!

From curbside 06/21/12

Looking in from the front of the garage 06/21/12

Garage 06/21/12

Looking into the basement 06/21/12

Future back yard

Morning Room

Basement photo 06/21/12

Basement shot form the morning room wall 06/21/12

Plumbers setting up in the basement 06/21/12

In the morning room basement

Lisa and Olivia in the garage 06/23/12
Another photo of Lisa and Olivia in the garage 06/23/12

Garage floor drain 06/23/12

plumbing in the basement 06/23/12

basement floor drain 06/23/12

more plumbing 06/23/12

plumbing coming into the basement from the front of the house

a view of our lot from the neighbors lot 06/23/12

Another photo from the neighbors

stack of pipes

view from the future walkout door
Steel Support beams 06/23/12


  1. Framing is one of the most exciting parts!! What is that sign in the background with the American flag on it? It's the 5th picture down. I've noticed it in your pictures before. I'm just being nosey!

  2. It's the excavating company work and storage trailer

  3. Once the foundation is up and inspected, it should FLY!