Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Foundation Check!!

This morning I received a phone call from the PM confirming that the 4ft extension for the garage is in fact in place.  I guess its just hard to visualize when your looking at a pit with footer and foundation forms.  PM also advised me that with the elevation of our lot and the final steepness that will be built into the driveway he feels that adding a third step in the garage leading into the mud room instead of the usual 2 steps is going to be necessary.  On this item I am kind of confused and don't quite follow and again this may have something to do with not being able to envision the final product from what the lot looks like now.  I truly don't think the driveway is going to be extremely steep but I guess we will see.

The PM also told me that he has an extra basement foundation window from a previous project and he is going to give it to us and he will have it placed in the rear foundation wall in the morning room section of the basement. ....score!!  PM also said that the foundation was going to be poured today!  Here are some pictures from today's visit to the lot.

Of course a picture of my wife Lisa and our shepherd Olivia from this evening visit.

Portion of the garage and front foyer

cement for the garage door opening

Looking into the garage

Family room foundation wall

Morning room foundation wall note opening for foundation window

Looking at the Morning room foundation wall

Walkout basement wall


  1. Wow! A free window! HUGE SCORE! Great job!

  2. Super jealous now! Awesome win to get an extra window in the basement!

  3. Cute wife and cute dog! Congrats on the extra window!

    1. Thank you ...she is now 6 months pregnant so were going to be cutting this close with closing on the house and moving in before our son is born. My dog is my best friend!

  4. Awesome... a free window from Ryan Homes. As you probably know, it is hard to score freebies with RH!

  5. Glad to hear that the extension is in place. A free window??? That's awesome!

  6. Love the photos! And so jealous of that extra window!

  7. Everything is coming together, that's great! Wife is beautiful, and love your dog. Framing will begin any second...

  8. So jealous of your free window!

  9. We definitely got lucky on the window