Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Framing Materials arrive......But now for the bad news

I drove out to the lot today because today is the day that framing materials were to arrive on site.  I arrived and saw two large piles of lumber and one pile of doors and windows!!! I was out taking some pictures for the blog when the PM arrived on scene.  Thats when he broke the bad news.  Initially his belief was that framing was going to be delayed for about two days because he said there short on framing crews and the crews are backed up on work.  Today he informed me that the crews are so behind that he does not anticipate framing to commence on our house until mid next week at the earliest.  I'm really disappointed because the interest rates are so good right now that I don't want my ability to lock in to be delayed.  Here are some pics from today

Todays Update 06/26/12

Just wanted to give a quick update.  Not much happened today other than the county plumbing inspector was out to inspect some of the basement plumbing that was done last weekend.  Framing materials arrive on Wednesday and hopefully they begin framing this week.  I did receive a call from the Guardian rep to schedule a day to go over wiring in the house.  The rep says that the PM has scheduled them to wire the house the week of July 16th.  Were moving right along and hoping to take advantage of these super low interest rates.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Blog Error

I just wanted to let everyone know that I noticed some kind of malfunction with my blog today where I would receive error messages stating that my blog was no longer active....that problem appears to have been rectified.  Nothing new to report on the house.  Waiting for framing materials to arrive this Wed.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Foundation Updates

Lisa and I stopped today after our morning jog to check on the house.  Our last visit was on Thursday.  So I have pics to post from Thursday's visit and from this mornings visit.  I spoke to our PM yesterday by telephone and he informed me that the plumbers were at the house yesterday working in the basement.  Steel support beams arrived yesterday and I expect that they will be put into position next week.  PM told me that they will have to temporarily cease grading because they have run out of dirt.  He assures me that they will clear more of the half dead and damaged trees at the the edge of the backyard bordering the wooded area.  Framing materials will arrive on Wednesday and he does anticipate framing to begin by Friday.  He has informed me that there is a shortage of framing crews and the crews are running 1 to 2 days behind when materials arrive on site.  Have a great weekend everyone!

From curbside 06/21/12

Looking in from the front of the garage 06/21/12

Garage 06/21/12

Looking into the basement 06/21/12

Future back yard

Morning Room

Basement photo 06/21/12

Basement shot form the morning room wall 06/21/12

Plumbers setting up in the basement 06/21/12

In the morning room basement

Lisa and Olivia in the garage 06/23/12
Another photo of Lisa and Olivia in the garage 06/23/12

Garage floor drain 06/23/12

plumbing in the basement 06/23/12

basement floor drain 06/23/12

more plumbing 06/23/12

plumbing coming into the basement from the front of the house

a view of our lot from the neighbors lot 06/23/12

Another photo from the neighbors

stack of pipes

view from the future walkout door
Steel Support beams 06/23/12

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Incredible Progress

I drove past the lot yesterday afternoon and the foundation crew was in the process of removing all the forms from the foundation.  Today at about 1130 AM I drove over to get pictures of the foundation and to my surprise there was a bulldozer and backhoe already back filling the foundation.  As I drove up close and pulled up to the lot I could see that all the downspouts were in and all the Delta Dimple water proof blankets were installed.  I also observed a column of cement blocks in place that will reinforce the front stoop once its installed.  Incredible how fast they worked today especially in this heat.  Here are some pictures from the curbside  closer pics will be taken later this evening.

This one was taken yesterday afternoon just has they completed pulling off the forms

This is today's 06/21/12

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Foundation Check!!

This morning I received a phone call from the PM confirming that the 4ft extension for the garage is in fact in place.  I guess its just hard to visualize when your looking at a pit with footer and foundation forms.  PM also advised me that with the elevation of our lot and the final steepness that will be built into the driveway he feels that adding a third step in the garage leading into the mud room instead of the usual 2 steps is going to be necessary.  On this item I am kind of confused and don't quite follow and again this may have something to do with not being able to envision the final product from what the lot looks like now.  I truly don't think the driveway is going to be extremely steep but I guess we will see.

The PM also told me that he has an extra basement foundation window from a previous project and he is going to give it to us and he will have it placed in the rear foundation wall in the morning room section of the basement. ....score!!  PM also said that the foundation was going to be poured today!  Here are some pictures from today's visit to the lot.

Of course a picture of my wife Lisa and our shepherd Olivia from this evening visit.

Portion of the garage and front foyer

cement for the garage door opening

Looking into the garage

Family room foundation wall

Morning room foundation wall note opening for foundation window

Looking at the Morning room foundation wall

Walkout basement wall

Garage extension confirmed

PM called me back about an hour ago and the confirmed that the 4ft extension to the front of the garage is planned for and laid out...Yahoo!!  He also told me that there going to pour the foundation today so I cant wait to get some picture later to post on here this evening.  So stay tuned!

Monday, June 18, 2012

Things are moving right along

We stopped out at the lot again this afternoon to see if anything new had happened since saturday.  I try to get to the lot everyday since It only takes me about 10 minutes to drive over there.  As we pulled in we could see a crew placing in the foundation molds / forms into place.  Of course I took some pics  :)

There is one thing that has us concerned we ordered a 4ft extension to the garage. For the life of me as I look at the form placement and the garage outlay I don't think the 4ft extension is there.  The garage looks outline looks awful small to me.  So I think I'm going to give the PM a call tomorrow and ask him to check it out and confirm that its there or make sure that add it.  I do realize that the foundation forms and the foundation its self can be deceiving and appear to make the house look small when in actuality it will be much bigger when all the framing is complete.  However better safe than sorry so I'm going to give the PM a call tomorrow and relay my concern.  As promised here are todays pics