Monday, April 2, 2012

Guardian Meeting

This afternoon my wife and I met with the Guardian sales rep at the Ravenna model home in our development.  It was very helpful that a model of the home were building is available for us to meet in and to be able to visualize changes and options.  Now lets get to the Guardian people.  I do have a Guardian security system in my current home and I will say that I am quite happy with it.  To be honest I was not happy with the sales person we met today.

I felt he put a lot of preasure on us to but all kind of packages and upgrades and when my wife and I asked for a copy of the price list he did not provide us with one and told us that he would email us a a cost sheet based on the options that we spoke with him about at our meeting.  Lisa and I prefer to take information home and have to time to look over and do research.

My biggest question is what are the majority of you opting to purchase?  I thought that the surround sound was very expensive especially when I can purchase a quality wired or wireless system from Best Buy.  We asked about that intercom system and I thought that was pretty pricey as well.  I'm thinking about purchasing cable outlets for all the bedrooms, 2 hardwire internets connections one for my wife's office in the study and one for the bonus room which will be my office.  On the issue of phone jacks two or three at the most being that we currently have four cordless telephones  in our home but only one plugs into a phone jack.    Would love to hear some comments

Thank you



  1. I'm sure we are the exception, but we only added one cable jack to the phone and cable jacks that were included. We also only have one phone that actually requires a jack and by the time the kids are allowed to have tvs in their rooms, everything will be wireless. We will do security (wireless option) ourselves and surround sound after the fact. I don't like the placement of the surround sound speakers in some of the homes.
    I was also disappointed that they did not provide a price list, but when we met and told the Guardian rep that we were only interested in the basics, he did not try to sell us anything. It was very low pressure. Sorry you got an overzealous salesman.

  2. I feel like Guardian is a little expensive too. He didn't give us a list of prices so I just sat there and asked him about every little thing and how much it cost. We got the networking package. We also got the smoke and CO2 detecters that are tied into the security system. The smoke detectors that Ryan provides don't help much if you aren't home and your house is on fire. You would have to wait for someone else to notice and call 911. We didn't pay for extra phone jacks. Our house comes with 7 already and we don't even use a landline. We don't use cable either. We watch everything through the internet on our tv (hulu and netflix) but we still got cable lines in every bedroom, the great room, the finished basement, and even the kitchen. I feel like these were included in our networking package because we only put one in the kitchen because there was nowhere else to put it. We put them where we thought potential buyers would want them for resale value --- even though I plan on living in this house forever! We even got the wireless internet thingy (can't remember what it's called) since our house is so big and we rely on the internet a lot. We also got the audio system. We have a pair of speakers in the ceiling on the first floor and a pair on the second. This is so we can listen to music throughout the house -- I love listening to music when I clean.

    There are things we got that I don't think we should have spent the money on but they are things you can't really add later without tearing out walls and ceilings. I'm just worried about the products failing. If you got surround sound from Best Buy, and it broke, you could always replace it. What do you do if it fails and it's built into your house? this is the longest response EVER! Can you tell I love talking about this stuff? :)

  3. I DO NOT LIKE GUARDIAN. Hopefully this is clear, haha. I have two reasons. 1) they are too expensive for what you get imo. and B) When we went, the sales rep didn't know how to use any of the equipment, but was trying to sell me a speaker system. The package included 3 cable and 1 phone jack. We added a couple more cable only. Besides that, we ignored guardian.
    Here are some thoughts.
    -if you are getting a finished basement, pre-wire your family room yourself (or run PVC pipe in the walls if your PM is against running wire. To make it even easier, run a string from one end to the other when you install. So after move in, you just tie off to the string and pull. Too easy.
    If you are not getting a finished basement, the installers (or you) can fish wires up the wall for in wall speakers.
    If you think you want built in speakers, run PVC pipe to the locations and run the wire yourself after move in (don't forget the string). I ran a flexible smurf tube from the attic to the basement allowing me to snake the attic antenna coax down. I also installed low voltage boxes in the family room with smurf tube punching down into the basement (pre-drywall of coarse). This allowed me to A-run my rear speaker wire UNDER the floor and back up behind where the couch would go. and 2) I fished the antenna coax back up through said box and hooked directly to the tv. There are all kinds of easy tips to do all this yourself.
    -every security company in the US will give you the system for free with a monitoring package. So if you want security, research and buy what you WANT. Me, I chose the hang gun and guard dog route for home defense.
    -Guardians speaker package comes with a smaller gauge speaker wire then what most "home theater" gurus would prefer/use. Which is something to consider/verify if you choose to go with guardian.
    hope this helps a bit.

  4. Thanks everyone for the feedback we have decided to add some network jacks, two telephone jacks and enough cable jacks for all the bedrooms and for the three tv's we plan on mounting on the wall. I intend to purchase a good quality surround sound system from Best buy or off the internet at a later point. Being that I am an existing Guardian security customer and I am happy with that service we are going to do the monitoring for the included security sytem with maybe a couple of extra contacts for some windows and I think I will had two of the Guardian smoke detectors because they are always monitored.

  5. Your choices are solid and probably the max I would (and did) go with.

    I know that everyone is so attracted to going mobile only trying to attract some savings, but without a real landline phone, if your nearest cell tower goes out youre done. If your power goes out, your cordless phones are worthless. Real tel cable is buried underground and is self powered, so as long as you have an analog phone attached to it (like the ones our moms had) it will always work.

    Sgt Rich's idea for the PVC run in the dead space is an excellent idea, one that I just executed this weekend. You can see it here:, its to the left of the duct work and will save you much pain later on.