Friday, April 27, 2012


Some big developments occurred today!!  Yesterday we had a meeting with our sales rep.  Our sales rep who has been wonderful through all of this has come through big again.  Our appointment yesterday lasted several hours and we explored several options some good some bad.  I guess I will start with the not so good choices.  We looked into the two corner lots from the previous phase that could of accommodate our walkout Ravenna or a walkout Jefferson.  Besides the crazy lot premium the lots were not very attractive because of the nearly same depth of both houses (Jefferson is only 4 ft deeper at the morning room ) no matter which house we would have built there we would have no back yard to speak off.  From the back of the morning room there would be a steep drop into wetland.  The hillside would be rocky and unusable.  Not very attractive at all besides no privacy to speak of.

Of course we could always decide roll the dice and gamble by waiting for our current cul de sac lot that my wife Lisa truly loves the most of all the lots in the development. 

However has I stated earlier our sales rep who is wonderful came up with a compromise solution.  She showed us a lot that was slightly bigger than our current lot however its not on the cul de sac but it would have a level back yard that goes right into the woods.  Its a very nice lot but on paper it says that this lot can't accommodate a walkout basement which of course is a line in the sand for me.  This lot could accommodate either a Ravenna or a Jefferson.

Our sales rep who has been speaking with the Project Manager about our situation on a regular basis  inquired if it would be possible to find a way to build a home with a walk out on this lot.  The project manager to a good look at the lot and the current grading and said that a walkout would be possible but would have to be placed on the left side of the house which is the lower side of the lot.  There is a home in the development where the same thing was done.  I drove by and checked it out and to be honest I like it.  Have the luxury of the walkout door and yet your morning room in the back would be low enough for a nice patio instead of a high deck!!  I think its pretty cool!

Now comes the choices....what to build??  As I said we started this with the mindset that the Ravenna was truly our favorite but because of the delays we had the opportunity to explore the Jefferson which is also fantastic.  We have another apt. tomorrow to sign paper work to switch lots and begin construction ASAP but we have to decide by tomorrow morning which house to build...decisions, decisions....makes me think that I'm at the casino playing black jack with 14 showing and wondering if I should take a hit or stay!!....LOL  Both houses have strong and weak points.  I think the Ravenna's biggest strong points are the bonus room, and rear staircase, and I think the biggest strong points in the Jefferson are the owner bath, the kitchen and the 2 story foyer.

Either way we have a house before the baby arrives which is most important to Lisa and I.  So what do you all think??


  1. What great news that they are able to work something out! I'm sure you are both very relieved. I am building a Jefferson for exactly the reasons you have listed and then some: 1. owner bath alternate layout, double sinks were a must and we had to have a seat out in the shower (non-standard request) that cost us an additional $300. Without that seat, we would have built a different house. I take showers not baths and need to be able to enjoy my showers. The kitchen is the second most important. The big gourmet island is so perfect, allowing for so much additional storage and the bar stools, counter-top area is large, double oven (one is convection) is gorgeous, 42" cabinets, etc. Morning room is another important room for us and lastly the two-story foyer with the crown molding is just stunning. I love love love every choice I have made and while I can not speak intelligently about the Ravenna, because I did not consider this model, my advice would be to have you and your wife rank your most important features and go from there. Consider the pluses and minuses in your current home and put them on paper. Give each good and bad some consideration and really compare both of the models. Hope this helps and best of luck! I look forward to reading about what the final decision will be...

  2. TeamMom said it all. Glad you were able to work something out!

  3. So glad to hear that you have options and that you found a lot that will work for you. TeamMom has given you some great advice. I would rank your priorities and see which house has more. Good luck with your decisions!

  4. consider how you will use the space best. I am not a fan of the two story anythings, but that's because I have to paint it and heat it.
    also consider the long term cost. The Jefferson is bigger and the cost to heat will be higher.
    Also consider I built a Ravenna and TOTALLY biased. haha.

  5. I love our Ravenna, but... I would love it if the stairway was at the front of the house. I know a bunch of reasons why it is nicer to have the rear staircase, and I agree with them all. But I took hardwoods everywhere but beds & baths. It's noisy. I would love it if the noise from the kitchn & family rooms didn't travel right on up the stairs so easily. My next house will have a door to the stairs. : )

    I don't like two story foyers either. Can't reach the chandy to clean & dust it or change bulbs, even I would hire out painters to paint it - and I like to paint, wasted money for heat, etc. But if you like it and you are willing to deal with it, that's all that matters.

    I did not take the island offered in the Ravenna because they sell the same cabinets at Lowes & Home Depot and I am going to get the island I want. It will be big.

    I think I might like the front entry in the Jefferson more, I like the office being at the front of the house, I like the coat closet at the front, too.

    The Jefferson has a real mud room - boy that's the big thing I wanted and couldn't get where I am. I regret it like no other thing about the house. That was going to be the space for the dog - water, food & potty pad. There is no decent place in the whole Ravenna for these items. It bugs me daily.

    When I look at the layout of the Jefferson I see a handful of things I really like better than the Ravenna. That said, I probably still would have built the Ravenna because the flow of it is just right, in my opinion.

    I love having the laundry on the same floor as five of the bedrooms. I love the perfect placement of the stairs. I love the feeling of no wasted space.

    Good luck on your decision - I know it will not be an easy one.

  6. So glad that they were able to accommodate you! Good luck with the decision. Both sound like fantastic options.

  7. First and foremost, congratulations on getting through this experience! Yay! In the meantime, I wanted to share why we chose the ROME model. Initially, we saw three builders and loved them all. The Jasmine, a Ryan home was our first choice. The model was cute; however, when I began to assess how we would use the space it was not meeting our needs. The Jasmine models fancy layout in the bedroom took up wall space we needed for the dressers, love seat and armoire plus the living room and bedroom areas were smaller. The Rome's master bedroom is HUGE which is perfect for the king size we have on our furniture wish list. After verifying furniture placement and determining our needs and the things we enjoy doing--We chose the Rome model over the others because it offered 1. more square footage of living space 2. the loft set it off for us because I wanted a space to create our study lounge plus it has a separate office tucked away passed the family room for privacy and 3. it cost 20K less than the ryan signature series which allowed us more options for upgrades. In other words, make the choice that fits the style of living you enjoy. Lastly, a happy wife is a happy life. Happy Building!