Thursday, April 5, 2012

Follow Up Meeting with Guardian

Well we had out final meeting with Guardian today to finalize our selections.  We chose a few extra cable jacks and a couple of data jacks.  We also signed up for the security system and chose to add an additional keypad for the master bedroom and a smoke detector in the upstairs hallway.  We have also opted to wire the basement and our master bedroom for wall mounted tv's.  I am struggling with the fact that Guardian wants you to purchase their speakers but have no way for me to at least hear them before I would decided to make a purchase on these items.  The other deal breaker  for me was the lack of a brochure, and price list really turned me off.  So we have skipped all the audio options.

I do have a question for my fellow Ravenna owners out there....In our development there is a Ravenna model however the garage has been turned into the sales reps office.  I'm concerned about the height of the garage as I own a 2011 Ford F150 four door with a 5 1/2 foot bed.  Do any Ravenna owners out there  own a four door truck?  Does it fit in the garage height wise?


  1. I own an Expedition and have the same concern but Im pretty sure all garage door openings have a 7' height, the length is another question altogether, it probably wont fit on the side that has the stairs. I think Sgt Rich has a pickup, he will chime in on this one.

  2. Thanks for the info Steve....Glad to see that your drywall is looks great
    according to the the dimensions I have for the depth of the garage I will be able to pull my truck in and will have almost 2.5 ft to spare....gonna be tight

  3. I can pull my van in, open the hatch in the back , and dance around. I think you'll have enough room lengthwise. :)

  4. I have yet to pull my 2006 Ford F150 SuperCrew with the 5.5ft bed in the garage as my wife's car and my Harley own the space. BUT, if you would like, I would be happy to do it tonight and send you a picture or two. Email me directly at

    1. Thanks for the pics of your truck in the garage Sgt. Rich....much appreciated

  5. Funny, my husband also has a Ford F 150 4 door Super Crew-Cab with a 6.5 foot size bed. But, he will be parking in the driveway. My mom will be living with us and she gets the prime 2nd spot in the garage. We did get an extra 8 ft width extension to the driveway so that we don't have to move cars all the time.