Saturday, September 29, 2012

The house is ours!!

Well we closed yesterday morning at 9AM.  Closing quick and painless!  We do still have some outstanding issues that need to be addressed with our home.  The PM was having some of those issues handled yesterday and has more "fixes" scheduled for next week.   I do have a question for you bloggers.  Were all of you satisfied with the level of cleaning that was done to your home before closing?  Lisa and I are very particuliar about having a clean house and were quite surprised as to how dusty the house was, dirty windows, dirt and water marks on the hardwoods, paint on the hardwoods, stain on the banister spindles, Hydroseed on the walkout door and some windows, and I also noticed that brick to grade was covered with mud and dirt.  One last item our lamp post isnt cemented into the ground or in fact secured.  If I grab it I can pull it to one side or another.  Does anyone else have lamp post issues like that?

Enough said on that subject.  We do have a great house and we cant wait to move in next week.  I will post some picture soon.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Preparing for the final walk thru

Well tomorrow afternoon is our final walk thru.  Its hard to believe that we will be receiving the keys on Friday morning.  Of course it seems that are still lots of things to be done.  Some issues that need to be corrected and I hope to address them tomorrow with our two PM's.  Lisa and I have been keeping a list of items that were concerned about and we hope to be able to cross most of those items off our list tomorrow during a final walk.  Of course we do realize that not all our concerns have been addressed so we hope to have the remaining items addressed after closing.

Here are some photos from my visit out to the house this afternoon.  While I was visiting today the township building inspector was making his final inspection and told me that were good to move in and he would be approving and issuing the occupancy permit!

Monday, September 24, 2012

Coming up on closing

Well we have been very busy these last two and half weeks since electricity was turned on at our house.  Lots and I mean lots of work has been going on.  Of course last week our son was born so to say that we have been busy I guess is an understatement.  Lisa and I have lots to do and of course were in a holding patter since the birth of our son.  He of course is our first priority so packing up our rental place is on hold.  In the last two weeks the final electrical and plumbing work has been done to our house.  more painting, staining of the railings and banisters, installation of hardwoods and carpeting, concrete sidewalks, all handles and locks installed on all interior and exterior doors minus the front door, lots and lots of finish work and some punch out work that was marked up by the PM.

The following still needs to be done:  installation of exterior lamp post and mailbox, some exterior painting, the entire house needs cleaned, lots of the kitchen cabinet doors need adjusted because they close at the bottom but not on the top, new set of attic stairs need installed because the current ones are broken, all landscaping needs completed, more grading, front door needs painted, and one item I find really strange that needs to be addressed is inside our upstairs hallway bathroom.  The shower head is a Kohler head but the lower control (handle to turn it on is a Moen.  Our entire house is Moen plumbing fixtures so I'm not sure how the Kohler one got there but I'm sure its a mistake.  I'm sure there our more items that need to be completed that I cant think of at the moment.  The big question is will all this be completed in time for us to close on Friday morning.  I hope so but it sure is a lot to do.

Here are some pics

Friday, September 21, 2012

A Son is born!!!

Hello all...sorry I have not posted any new updates on the house recently.  Lisa and I have been very busy.  I have some great news to share with everyone.  Yesterday at 5:42 PM our son Giuseppe was born!!!!!  I can't begin to explain how excited we are to have him join Lisa, the dogs, and I!!  I can tell you yesterday was the greatest day of my life!  Lisa and Giuseppe are both doing great!

My little buddy is finally here!!    In  regards to the house lots has happened and were on track to close next Friday morning.   I promise to post a house update here in a this weekend with some pics of all the  work thats been completed.  I will get some more pics of Giuseppe as well.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Finally have electricity

I drove over to the house today after work hoping to see an electric meter installed outside.  Thankfully when I arrived there it was a brand new shiny electric meter.  I walked into the garage and flipped the light switch and garage ceiling lights came to life!

It does appear that there are some electrical issues that will need to be addressed.  I did notice that none of the exterior lights are working and neither are the any lights in the hallway from the front door to the family room, foyer chandelier does not work, dining room chandelier does not work, kitchen and morning room lights don't work either, mudroom and mudroom foyer lights are not working as well.

The lights in the family room and fireplace eyeball lights are working as well as all the upstairs lights and all basement lights.

I did check the panel in the basement and there are multiple breakers that are switched to the off position.  Dryer, washer, ovens, furnace, AC, water heater, dishwasher, disposal...etc.  In fairness because there labeled that way I did not flip them on.  I did however attempt to flip on the breaker marked "kitchen lights" as soon as I did the panel made a buzzing sound and the breaker immediately went to the tripped position.  Obviously there are some issues but overall I'm just glad that we finally have power.  The PM brought in an industrial grade dehumidifier into the basement and already had it running to dry out the subfloors so that hardwood can be installed later this week.

The plumbers began installing plumbing fixtures today as well.

PM told me that he will be giving me a call this week he hopes with a closing date.  I just hope the date is early enough that we can get moved in before my son is born.

Here are some pics from today:

Thursday, September 6, 2012

No Progress

Sadly I have to report that there has been very little if any progress on our house the last two weeks.  We were under the belief that we would be closing on our house sometime between Sept 10 and Sept 15.  However there is still no electricity, no water meter, no plumbing fixtures, no flooring, and only one coat of paint on the walls...etc etc.  Basically we have been told that not much is going to happen until we get some electricity.  Installation of hardwood flooring is being delayed because there is no power in the house to run dehumidifiers to dry out the sub floors.  No plumbers until the flooring is done..etc etc.

The worst part is our interest rate lock expires on Sept 15...our loan processor has already told that the rates have risen since we locked in.  Hopefully we can get a rate extension.  I don't think that we will be getting into our house before my son is born.  Lisa and I have been trying to figure out what we will need to absolutely have for the baby at the temporary place that were renting.    Hopefully we get some news here soon about our house and a closing date.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Overdue Updates

Hello everyone its been a couple of weeks since I last posted on the blog.  A lot of work has been done to our house since my last post.  My last entry dealt with 5 basement jack posts that had not been cemented in prior to framing and hanging of drywall.  One of our other issues was a bowed wall behind the basement stairwell.  This wall has been designated to hang our game room TV on.  Both of these issues have been corrected but not without a little drama.  I mentioned in my last post that the jack posts was a big concern for us.  About two weeks ago the PM sent me text saying that the jack posts had been cemented in but the bowed basement wall they were behind had not yet been torn down and replaced.  I found this odd because I don't know how anyone could correctly cement these posts in by just reaching under the baseboard.  A hole had been cut into the bowed wall to see what was causing the wall to bow.  Lisa was able to get her IPhone into this opening and take some pictures of the jack posts behind the drywall and to our surprise they were not cemented in.  The only portion that had been cemented was the portions that were sticking out from under the drywall and baseboard !  The following day we requested a meeting with the PM and showed him the pics.  He was surprised that someone had tried to cut a corner.  The PM also tore down the bowed wall so he could see the jack posts himself.  Our PM was very apologetic and promised that he would personally cement all the posts in himself.  I'm happy to report that he has done that and has made sure that the bowed wall was build out about 2 inches and new drywall applied.  No more bowed wall!

The utility issue has not been resolved however some progress has been made.  At least the electrical conduit to our meter socket has been laid but we still have no electric.  Sadly this will impact out proposed closing date.  We had been scheduled to close Sept 10 but now we have no idea when we will close.  This does cause us some stress because has you all know were expecting our son to be born on Oct 2 and were hoping to at least be moved in a week or two before the due date.  While were waiting for the electricity to be turned on the following items have been completed.

Ceramic tile laid in the master bathroom, laminate flooring in the mudroom, gutters hung, Guardian install completed, interior doors and trim installed, shelving installed, Humidifier installed, light fixtures installed, additional HVAC work, more grading.

Still have quite a bit of items that need completed and or corrected.  Still have no carpet or hardwood, no plumbing fixtures, no water, no natural gas, no appliances there still in boxes in the garage, at least 10 windows need replaced because there broken, dry wall repair, more painting.

Today 08/29/12...I discovered that were missing a fan in our master bathroom ceiling in the area of the shower and tub...also missing the corresponding light switch to turn that fan on and off. I found this by reading over the blueprints  and noticed it missing.  I advise everyone to check their blueprints there should be a copy in the house during construction or go to the model and ask the sale rep to let you look at them.  I also discovered today that our full basement bathroom only has one light switch to activate the vanity lights, shower light, and the exhaust fan.  There are supposed to be two switches one for the lights and one for the fan.  I asked the PM to look into it and he did .  The electrician told him that he ran out of twin junction boxes when he was wiring the house so he used a single box and switch.  Who does that!! Why not ask the PM for more of the correct items that you need ?  Why not at least tell someone?  This is the stuff that gets under my skin!  Were paying a lot of money for this house and sometimes feel that were not getting everything were paying for!

I do have a question to ask you guys out there with two furnaces.  Did anyone of you that has two furnaces purchase a humidifier? If you so did they install one on the attic furnace?  At the time that you choose that option were you told that your house came with two furnaces?  Or told that you could purchase an additional humidifier? I ask because we purchased one however at the time we choose our options I had no idea that our house came with two furnaces.  I now noticed on the option sheet that it appears that you can purchase more than one humidifier.  I've done some research on whether you need to have one for each furnace and I'm seeing a lot of literature on this subject for and against two humidifiers.  I'm not even sure if its proper to have two ...being that the attic isn't heated and a water line is required for the unit and I would think that there is the potential for a water line in an attic to freeze and burst.

Here are some pics

Master bathroom shower

tile around master bath soaking tub

master bath floor tile

room for a shower seat but since we choose alternate master bath you dont get a shower seat...would have gotten a seat had we stuck with an oval tub...strange but nothing I can do about it.

painting of the mantel

some painted baseboard

concrete stoop

duct work covering and vents installed

painted kitchen pantry door

Lisa's office doors and casing painted

one of two thermostats

one of the bathroom exhaust fans

cold air return outside of the master bedroom along with a recess light

heating duct in the upstairs hallways ceiling

double door closet in Giuseppe's future nursery

doors leading to our master bedroom

water closet door in master bathroom

rear basement stair case wall replaced because the first one was bowed.

side shot of the new basement wall

one of two AC condensers

photo of both units

more grading to the back yard

shelving and outlets in the mudroom

Guardian panel inside the mudroom

bathroom fixture

bathroom fixture

motion sensor

Not sure what this is ...located in master walk in closet...I know Guardian installed it

upstairs hallway bathroom

The lovely Lisa showcasing the house

electrical conduit laid...still waiting for the electric lines

walkway poured

light fixtures in the master bath

Deer in our backyard

dining room light fixture

Foyer light fixture

electrical conduit buried

garage lights installed

front door lights and outlets installed

One of the garage coach lights